Thursday, March 31, 2011

NY Times Best Selling Author - Mary "Honey B" Morrison - Professional Head Shots by Gearshift

Honey B is the New York Times bestselling author who brings the soulful, sexy, and totally uncensored voice to 15 bestsellers, as she continues to blaze sizzling new trails in African American erotic fiction that has made her one of the most exciting, poignant, & popular authors writing today!

Jim Folliard of Gearshift was asked to take some headshots that she could use as her "author photo" on the inside cover of these books.  Because we were at an Award Show in Washington DC, I had to use the surroundings of the hotel to do the shoot.

Monday, March 14, 2011

How to Photograph Food

Shooting food is like shooting any product, you need great lighting and often it can be done in a variety of locations.  Food shots can be easy to shoot because it is still on a table which gives you a chance to get your lighting perfect.  Since I am a videographer I have fluorescent video lights that produce a brilliant glow.  Other photographers might use a flash but the video lights give you a little more creativity.  I only used one light for this shoot to add a little depth to the food.  As you can see above, this location is similar to any chinese food restaurant but with the proper lens, angle and lighting these shots looks like they were done in a studio.  Theres only one thing to say...yummy.