Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Express Realty Services Uses Spokesmodel For Commercial

Express Realty Servies tapped in to the services of Gearshift to shoot both on-location and at the Gearshift Studios in Fairfax  By utilizing on of our spokesmodels, Michael Alban, we were able to tie together the commercial.  The HD video is broadcasting on Fox 5 News in DC.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Share The Road PSA Helps Cyclists

The Washington Area Bicycle Association turned to Gearshift to fufill a grant to create 2 PSA's.  The first PSA is called the "Right Hook"  and the second is "Dooring".  Both suck if you are a cyclist and they happen to you.  The right hook is when a car cuts you off by making a right turn in front of you while you are going straight.  Dooring is when soomeone opens their car door at the same time you are riding by the car.  Ouch.  These PSA's show some helpful techniques to avoid an accident.  For more on how Gearshift can help your business proved informative videos call 877-477-STUDIO.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Georgetown's Most Unique Restaurant Has Great Visuals

The Norfolk Visitors & Convention Bureau held an event at Mie N Yu in Georgetown to bring together local event planners.  The food was amazing and so were some of the visuals! Thanks to Emily at Mie N Yu for the referral. for your next event.