Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chantilly Mercedes is Officially Open and I Have the Pictures To Prove It!

I have a special gift provided by Randy Davis.  It's his ability to write custom poetry.  Read his Mercedes-Benz poem:

A sophisticated machine, with a style that’s eloquent,

An uncompromising luxury, so dynamic and relevant.

Contours accentuated, a divine sex appeal,

Its piping hot outside, yet it gives you chills.

So dynamically sound, an extravagant feat,

With looks one of a kind, so suave so unique.

The features will consume you, glamour galore,

Your mind starts to race, its sexy yet pure.

From inside to outside, from front to back,

Classy, stylish, elegant and with power to match.

The most formable of foes will pull to the side,

The pursuit of excellence has been visualized.

Some will stare, some will gleam,

In the pursuit of happiness dare to dream.

As the light bulbs flash from fancy cameras with high priced lens,

It has arrived, please welcome the Mercedes-Benz.

Jim Folliard wrote:

There was a special guest at the Mercedes-Benz of Chantilly Grand Opening...The SLS 63 AMG 570HP Gullwing.  Yes, Roger Penske was there with all of the Mercedes executives but the beautiful SLS in the corner of the showroom got the most attention.  I had to use a combination of lenses to get some of these shots including an 11mm wide angle.  If you have questions about photography or an event that needs to be captured professionally the call Jim @ 703.928.8257


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